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409shop Tactical Headset + PTT

409shop Tactical Headset + PTT

Behind the Head Two Way Radio Headsets (With Mini Din Plug)

Behind the Head Two Way Radio Headsets 1 x Behind-the-head style headset 1 x Mini Din Plug

Behind-the-head style headset

Lightweight, behind-the-head design . Noise canceling Boom Microphone . Speaker rests on the ear for comfort

Carbon Fiber Pattern Heavy duty Noise Cancelling Headset

This heavy-duty headset lives up to the demand under extremely high-noise environment in air-piloting and car-racing. It is best used in manufactory plants as well.
$60.00 $59.00

D ring Ear Headset with PTT

Ear hanger headset for two-way radio; Ear hanger vertically and horizontally adjustable; With PTT button and clip; Single wire design; from PTT button to earphone;