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2016 Dual-Speaker Headset

With this over-the-head dual-speaker headset, you can communicate with others without the interference of surrounding noise. Since the transmission goes to both ears, it make sure that you could hear under harsh environment. This is ideal for use in manufacturing plants, construction sites, airports and other heavy equipment operation sites.

409shop Tactical Headset + PTT

409shop Tactical Headset + PTT

Behind the Head Two Way Radio Headsets (With Mini Din Plug)

Behind the Head Two Way Radio Headsets 1 x Behind-the-head style headset 1 x Mini Din Plug

Behind-the-head style headset

Lightweight, behind-the-head design . Noise canceling Boom Microphone . Speaker rests on the ear for comfort

Carbon Fiber Pattern Heavy duty Noise Cancelling Headset

This heavy-duty headset lives up to the demand under extremely high-noise environment in air-piloting and car-racing. It is best used in manufactory plants as well.
$60.00 $59.00