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Battery case for MOTOROLA GP-68

Specifications: Battery case for MOTOROLA GP-68 Fit for Size AA battery x 5pcs

Battery Case for VX-170 VX-177 FT-60R VX-150

Specifications: 21-39 Battery Case for YAESU VXA series : VXA-120 ,VXA-150, VXA-200, VXA-210,VXA-220... VX series : VX-150,VX-160,VX170,VX177,VX-180,VX-400,VX-168... FT series: FT60R... Holds 6pcs x AA batteries Input :ALKALINE BATTERY (SIZE AA x6pcs)(battery is not include) Γρήγορη Επισκόπηση Battery Case for VX-150, FT-60, VX-246, VX-170, FT-250, FT-270, VXA-220, VXA-300

Battery Case for VX-3R VX-3E

Specifications: 21-38 Battery Case for YAESU Fit for VX-3R , VX-3E - Holds 3pcs x AA batteries Input :ALKALINE BATTERY (SIZE AA x3pcs) (battery is not include)

Battery Case for VX-6R VX-7R VXA-710 FBA-23

Specifications: 21-25 Battery Case for FBA-23 Fit for YAESU VX-6, VX7, VX710, ...etc Battery use : ALKALINE BATTERY SIZE AA X 2 The Battery is a 2xAA Alkaline battery case for Yaesu-Vertex radios such as VX-5R/Rs, VX-6R, VX-7R/Rb, VXA-700, VXA-710, etc. ALSO FITS STANDARD-HORIZON HX460, HX-471. Holds 2 x AA cells, and inverts voltage up to 4.5VDC. Provides handy instant backup power.

CBT270 Battery case

Specifications: CBT270 Battery case

Charger Hatch for YAESU FT-817ND FT817

Specifications: 21-42 Charger Hatch for FT817ND Choose the specifically charger, depending on the type of battery Please turn off the power when charging PACKAGE CONTAIN 1 x Charger Hatch for FT-817ND 1 x PSU charger (100V~240V)